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Flights Compensation Price Overview

Amount is stated in Euro by law and paid in Euro by Airline. Exchange rate calcullations are examples.

Your compensation based on EC 261/2004 Your compensation based on EC 261/2004 Your final compensation with ClaimFlights.co.uk* Your final compensation with flightdelays.co.uk** Your final compensation with claim4flights.com***
250 € 192.31 £ 175 € / 134.62 £ 95.38 £ 87.08 £
400 € 307.69 £ 280 € / 215.38 £ 170.62 £ 160.92 £
600 € 461.54 £ 420 € / 323.08 £ 270.92 £ 259.38 £
Price research done in 2015 / * Claimflights.de/uk charges 25% + tax  / ** flightdelays.co.uk charges 29% + 25 Pound each case + tax  / *** claim4flights.com charges 30% + 25 Pound admin charge for court case + tax. Example exchange rate 1.3, may vary with exchange rate changes

No payment if you lose - No win - No fee base

How read the price table

Many flight claim companies only provide their cost as percentage. This can be misleading for the user. We provide the cost in total numbers. 'Your final compensation` shows the amount you get wired after all cost - this enables you to see what you get after all cost. We do not charge wire fees.
You have to read the table in a way that you get 420€uro from us if you fill a long distance claim. All payments are made in Euros from the Airline, there is only one EC 261/2004 law and the amounts are only stated in Euro, all claim companies receive the same amount for the same distance in the same case. Just some companies advertise with higher amounts (and probably to their calculations with optimistic exchange rates) to lure in some customers.

How to choose your Air Passenger Rights claim company

In addition to the price you should have a short look in the terms and conditions of the claim company. Some companies hide high costs in their terms and conditions. Check if the company charges additional `service fee´ to go in court or other cost like wire fees.

The claim company should have some experience with claiming Air Passenger Rights. ClaimFlights has claimed hundreds of Air Passenger Rights and has the knowledge and networks to bring claims through.

Claiming European Air Passenger Rights requires knowledge in European Law and contacts to European lawyers in different countries. Check if your claim company has a European licence as a claim company and ask yourself if you should trust a company to claim European Air Passenger Rights which is located in the United States, China or Uzbekistan.

We work strictly on a `no win = no fee base`

If you choose ClaimFlights - the brand for Air Passenger Rights - you have nothing to lose. We work on a no win = no fees base. That means if we do not win your case you have to pay nothing. Only if we win we recover our cost from the amount paid by the Airline.

As an example on a 462 ₤ claim:

  • If we win you get 323.08 ₤ and we cover all cost
  • On a private settlement you get between 0 to 323.08 ₤ and we cover all cost
  • If we lose you get 0 ₤ and we cover all cost

You will never bear a financial risk and you will receive our expert knowlege (flight database, law case database - see service - for free)

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