Refusal of promotion despite boarding phase

Flight Passenger Boarding

Missed a package holiday his connecting flight due to a flight delay, it is reclassified as a rule. But despite a late check-in connecting flight possible reasons for the denial of boarding 7 with reference to the transfer took place compensation under Art. Para. 1 passenger? Right? Ordinance. This emerges from a decision of the AG pouring forth (Urt. V. 49 23.04.2013- C 381/12).
According to the AG believes that the following was considered: Passengers will still have to see so arrive at the gate, and the boarding phase is not yet complete and a regular boarding was still possible. Nevertheless, he was under the hint that he was already rebooked on another flight and therefore the originally planned flight connection could not compete, was dismissed. This rejection was a refusal of carriage shown (Art. 1 j FluggastrechteVO). The AG casting ruled in favor of the traveler. Which passengers have given the refusal of carriage granted a right to compensation under Art. 7, para. 1 and Art. 4, para. 3 FluggastrechteVO.

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