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Delayed Flight Rights

Delayed Flight Air Passenger Rights and Claiming Compensation from Airlines

Are you facing a problem due to flight delays? We at Claim Flights can help you to claim compensation for flight delays. You will benefit from our straightforward and hassle-free service. In the event of a flight delay, we recommend that you listen to the announcements carefully so as not to miss any important information regarding the delay. It is also advisable to try to collect evidence in order to be able to prove that you reached your final destination 3 hours later than the originally scheduled arrival time. You should also follow the information displayed on the screens at the airport, taking a snapshot with your smartphone or any picture capturing device. These could play a crucial role when claiming flight delay compensation. Our strategy to claim compensation for delayed flight is conducted in accordance with EC regulation 261/2004 which effectively avoids any legal complications. You should, however, find out what real reasons for flight delays entitle you to receive compensation for your delayed flight.

About Flight Delays

A flight is officially considered to be delayed if the flight gets delayed for 3 hours or more.

You are therefore entitled to financial compensation when the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours at the arrival airport. If you were due to travel a distance of up to 1500 km you are entitled to an amount of 250 Euros, 400 Euros for distances between 1500 km and 3500 km and 600 Euros for distances of over 3500 km. Compensation can only be claimed under certain conditions which satisfy the EC Regulation 261/2004

The airlines are then also responsible for providing passengers with the following benefits:

  • A minimum of 2 telephone calls, fax, emails or messages
  • If the delay means you have stayed at the airport overnight, the airline is responsible for providing you with hotel accommodation and transfer facility between the airport and place of accommodation.

Here are some useful facts explaining to what financial compensation you are entitled following a delayed flight:

  • If your flight delay is of less than 3 hours, you are not entitled to claim compensation, however still you have right to ask for 2 phone calls, fax, emails.
  • Depending on the distance your flight was expected to travel, you could receive compensation of € 250, € 400 or € 600 for a delay of more than 3 hours.

The following table shows whether or not you are entitled to compensation:

Arrival and Departure EU Airline Non-EU Airline
1. Departing from outside the EU and arriving within the EU No No
2. Departing from an airport outside the EU and arriving at a destination within the EU Yes No
3. Departing from a destination within the EU and arriving at an airport outside the EU Yes Yes
4. Departing from a destination within the EU and arriving within the EU Yes Yes

It is also helpful knowing what an “Act of God” is, whereby normal bad weather is not an issue and could, therefore, in the event of a delay, entitle you to compensation. However, if you are facing extremely bad weather conditions such as ice rain or thunderstorms you may not be able to claim compensation as such conditions are indeed considered to be an “Act of God”. Furthermore, a strike is always considered to be an “Act of God”.

After checking all of the details you will realize just how easy it is to claim delayed flight compensation with Claim Flights. Once you become familiar with your rights, it really is quite easy for you to make a claim for your cancelled or delayed flight.

We will handle all communication with the airline and after finding out what the reason behind the flight delays will keep you informed every step of the way. Our service ensures that you receive the correct amount of compensation for delayed flights.

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