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Delayed & Cancelled Flights Compensation Case Studies

These written case studies are intended to give you an idea of different airline passenger rights scenarios that have happened.

Case1: The connecting flight

Williams has booked a flight from New York to Frankfurt with airline L. The New York to Munich leg was delayed for 2 hours, resulting in Williams missing the connecting flight to Frankfurt. Williams accepted airline L’s offer to travel by train from Munich to Frankfurt but he still arrived in Frankfurt more than 2 hours late.
Airline passenger rights: Williams has a right to claim a flight compensation of €300 because his flight was delayed, causing him to miss his connecting flight and arrive more than 2 hours late at his final destination.

Case2: The code sharing flight

Marco and John have booked a flight from London to Kathmandu, via Frankfurt, with airline B. The flight from Frankfurt to Kathmandu is carried out by airline L as a code sharing flight.
Airline passenger rights: Marco and John have to wait in Frankfurt for over 5 hours due to technical problems .
Both have a right to claim delayed flight compensation against airline L (not airline B) of €600 each, making €1,200 in total.

Case3: Mothers golden memory

Carla has booked 5 flights for her family from Birmingham to Alicante with airline R for £19 per flight. Carla and her family had to wait 6 hours at the airport. Both delays were caused by engine problems. In March 2015, Carla heard about Claim Flights and she wants to claim compensation for the delayed flights in 2013 and 2014.
Airline passenger rights: Carla can claim 5 times £340 (€400) for each of the two flights. She, therefore, has the right to claim £3,400 (€4,000) in compensation.

Case4: Bad Weather

Franziska booked a flight from Hamburg to Zürich with airline S. The plane was not allowed to depart at the scheduled time and she had to wait at the airport for 5 hours, meaning she arrived in Zürich 5 hours later.
Airline passenger rights: Franziska has no right to flight compensation because the delay was due to bad weather and was therefore not the responsibility of the airline.

Case5: Canceled flight

Rubens booked a direct flight from Munich to New York. After he checked in he was told that the flight could not depart that day and that he therefore had to fly the next day. The airline paid for a hotel and drinks and snacks and he flew with the same flight the next day. His total delay was 24 hours.
Airline passenger rights: He has the right to claim €600 flight compensation.

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