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Flight Delay Compensation Letter Template

You can use our free flight delay compensation EU claim letter template to write the letter to airline to claim compensation for your delayed / cancelled / overbooked flight in accordance with EC Regulation 261/2004.


You are entitled to receive compensation up to 600€ under EC Regulation 261/2004 in the following circumstances:

  • If your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours on arrival
  • If your flight was cancelled without any prior notice
  • If you were denied boarding due to an overbooked flight


EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles air passengers to claim up to 600€ as compensation for flight delays, flight cancellations and for denied boarding. Flight Delay Compensation amount varies between 250€ to 600€ depending on the duration of flight delay on arrival and flight travel distance.
EU 261 Rule applies for all the airlines passengers whose flight departure were from an EU Airport irrespective of the airline (EU or Non-EU) and for flight passengers whose flight arrival was at EU Airport through an EU registered airline irrespective of the airport (EU or Non-EU)






  • You need to research for the address of the airline, making sure it's the correct legal address which you can find on the airlines website. If you are not sure about the postal address it is better to contact on Customer Service Telephone Numbers.
  • Proceed next to write the letter to the airline, using our sample airline complaint letter below. There is no legal requirement to have proof of postage but it might be best to get this to be on the safer side.


Your Name

Your Address

Name of Airline
Street and Street No.
Postal Code and City

Assertion of compensation claims according to Art. 7 Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby claim compensation according to Art. 7 of Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 for:

1. Your Name / Street / Postal Code / City
2. Name of other Passengers (for example your Wife/Husband or Children)

I claim compensation relating to flight (flight number) which I booked from (departure airport) to (arrival airport) on (booking date).

The flight was delayed for more than (flight delay duration) hours OR canceled OR took place without me.

The problem was not based on exceptional circumstances or act of god.  

Due to the delay of (flight delay duration) hours and the flight distance between the airports I have the right to be compensated by (Claimable Amount / Passenger) for each passenger.

I am writing this letter to request you to pay an amount of (Claimable Amount / Passenger) for each passenger, which comes to a total amount of €/£ (Total Claimable Amount) immediately, but not later than 2 weeks from the date of this letter.

My bank account is
Bank:   xxxxxxx
IBAN:   xxxxxx
SWIFT/BIC: xxxxxx

If I do not receive a response from you within the aforementioned deadline, I will seek immediate legal assistance.

With best regards

Your Name, Date and your signature



  • After sending the letter, wait for 3 weeks before taking any legal action in case your payment is on the way.
  • If the airline offers you a coupon or denies your flight delay claim blaming extraordinary circumstances or if the airline does not respond or pay within 3 weeks, you should seek legal advice for your passenger right case.

You should try to find a lawyer with expertise in EU Air Passenger Rights.

Bear in mind that the court where your case is heard might not be in your home city and then the cost of travelling for you/your lawyer could increase the total cost of the case. It is not usually necessary to attend the hearing in personally at the court but in some cases it might be.

Even if you do everything on your own you still have the risk of losing your court case and will then have to pay for your lawyer and the defence lawyer as well as for the court costs.

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If the airline for which your flight was delayed or cancelled won't respond you back for the claim letter, you can seek help from our claim experts, no win no fee lawyers to claim on behalf of you. Our experienced claim professionals will handle your case and do all the paperwork for you. Even if we have to go to court on your behalf we do not charge you for it.



You need to enter the "Flight Number" and "Flight Date" into our "Flight Delay Compensation Calculator".


  • You may have found automatically your flight information i.e., your flights scheduled departure time and its scheduled arrival time with the airports information where your flight departed and arrived with Airports IATA code.
  • Usually you will find your flight once you enter the flight details, if you find it's not your flight you can enter your flights information manually, where you need to enter the Airports destinations, its scheduled departure and arrival airports, flight date and flights departure and arrival time.
  • If you had any connecting flight you can enter its information or you can proceed further with the claim process by clicking on the "Next" link.
  • Mark the reason of flight delay or flight cancellation or denied boarding due to overbooking of flight tickets.
  • Once you enter all the information accurately you can proceed with "Next".


  • Now you can find the amount airlines owes you for your delayed / cancelled flights / overbooked flights.
  • You can even compare the amount you can claim with us in comparison with other claim companies and in detail explanation about our fee only in case of success.
  • We have no hidden costs in our terms and conditions, we have a transparent and competitive price structure.


Our work is entirely based on success i.e., "No Win No Fee Claims" if we do not win your claim case you do not have to pay anything, yes we only charge you in case we win the claim for you otherwise we cover all the costs. We only receive a success based fee if your claim is successful and the airline pays your compensation. That means you carry no financial risk if you claim through us. We claim your flight compensation for you 100% risk free.


Claim Flights claiming process is very easy to use and to provide us the desired information doesn't take more than 3 minutes of your precious time.

We have access to a lot of information on flight delays and cancellations to claim flight compensation for your delayed or cancelled flights. This includes our comprehensive law database, our specialised databases (ADS-B Flight database, Weather, Strikes, Acts of God and news databases).

Our team has expertise in taking your case with the airlines regarding flight delays / cancellations. We can often get EU claims through without a court case (making the process much faster) and we follow up on timing and with every detail.


If you have any doubts to make your claim or using our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator you can see the video illustrated on How To Claim Flight Delay / Cancellation Compensation?


Q. Am I entitled to compensation for a delayed flight?

A. Yes you are entitled to claim compensation for a delayed flight of 3 hours or more on arrival. You can enter your flight details into our "Flight Delay Compensation Calculator" and check for free the compensation amount you are entitled to claim from the airlines.

Q. How long flight should be delayed before compensation?

A. Flight delay on arrival for 3 hours or more entitles you to claim delayed flight compensation from the airlines. To know flight delay status on arrival you can check the flight timetable displayed at the arrival airport.

Q. How long can I go back to claim compensation for delayed flight?

A. You can go back up to 6 years for the flights delayed in or from UK for an EU regulated airline. For the flights delayed in or from other EU member states such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy passengers can go back up to 3 years to claim compensation for delayed flights.

Q. How to claim compensation for delayed flight?

A. If your flight is delayed for 3 hours or more you are eligible to claim from 250€ to 600€ depending of the distance of your flight. You need to first calculate the delayed flight distance then the number of hours your flight was delayed and then report it to the airlines through airlines complaint letter. To make it easier we have an ultimate guide on "Claiming Flight Delay Compensation".

Q. How to find out if a flight is delayed?

A. You need to enter your flight number and flight date into our compensation calculator to find out if your flight was delayed and you are eligible to claim compensation for it. Alternately you can use flightview or flightstats website to check your flight status before claiming compensation.

Q. How to get compensation from airlines?

A. You can get compensation from the airlines for flight delays of 3 hours or more; for flight cancellations without prior notice and for denied boarding due to an overbooked flight.

Q. Can I get a refund for a delayed flight?

A. EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles you to claim refund of your ticket cost for a flight delayed to depart beyond 5 hours. Airlines should refund you money back to your bank account within 7 days of reporting your flight delay. Read More: Refund for Delayed Flight

Q. How to request compensation for delayed flights?

A. We have compared different ways to request compensation for your delayed flight:

  • Claim Yourself: Use our free flight delay compensation claim letter template and send the letter to airlines.
  • Claim through Us: Assign us to claim compensation on behalf of you by filling the claim form and signing the digitized authentication letter.
  • Through Lawyers: They may charge additionally fee from £25 to £455 + hearing fee of £25 to £335 for your flight delay case.

Q. Do airlines have to compensate for delayed flights?

A. EU flight passengers are eligible for compensation for delayed flights beyond 3 hours on arrival. While, if the flight is delayed during departure beyond 2 hours, Airlines must offer passengers free of cost meals and refreshments for the reasonable waiting time, 2 telephone calls, send emails or fax.

Q. What causes flight delays?

A. Flight delays can be caused due to numerous reasons such as congestion in air traffic, strike, mechanical or technical failure, maintenance issues, extreme bad weather, security threats, etc.

Q. Flight delayed due to bad weather, Can I claim?

A. If the airlines were able to avoid the flight delay there may be chances you can claim for your delayed flight. You may or may not claim for flight delays due to bad weather. We have a complete database of flights valid for claim. Use our free Delayed Flight Compensation Calculator to know whether you are able to claim for your delayed flight.

Q. What are my rights when my flight is delayed?

A. EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles flight passengers to claim compensation up to 600€ (£462) for flights delayed on arrival later than 3 hours of scheduled arrival time.

Q. Can I claim compensation for holiday packages flights?

A. Yes, EU air passenger rights Regulation also applies to travel packages, flight delay compensation must be claimed against the operating air carrier and not against the tour operator.

Q. How to claim compensation for cancelled flights?

A. You can claim compensation for cancelled flights if you were not informed by the airlines before 7 days. If you were informed between 7 days to 14 days, the compensation amount gets reduced by 50%.

Q. What is Flight Cancellations?

A. Flight is said to be cancelled, if the flight with which you had booked your ticket doesn't operate on its scheduled date and time.

Q. Can I get refund in case of flight cancellations?

A. If you were informed about your cancelled flight before 14 days. You can ask for refund of your ticket cost from the airlines for your cancelled flight.

Q. When I claim compensation for cancelled flight?

A. If your flight was cancelled and you were offered alternate flight which later gets delayed on arrival for more than 3 hours entitles you compensation between 125€ and 600€ depending upon the hours your flight was delayed on arrival.

Q. What to do if airlines won't respond you back?

A. If airlines won’t respond you back for your delayed flight eu261 claim letter even after eight weeks you can escalate your flight delay complaint to Civil Aviation Authority CAA. Alternatively hire a lawyer for your flight delay case or hire a claim company.

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