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Flight cancellations can be a serious issue and can certainly be enough to spoil your vacation or disrupt your plans for an important business meeting. It is a good idea to get to know your air passenger rights to which all EU member states are entitled. We at Claim Flights make it easier to claim flight delay compensation successfully without facing any difficulties.

Compensation can be claimed for a flight delays of over 3 hours. However, if you are offered an alternative route and the delay of your arrival does not exceed 2 hours, your compensation could be decreased by up to 50%.

According to sources, about 7,305 North American flights, 4,641 European flights and 6,046 Asia Pacific flights were cancelled in the last 30 days.

We are the first choice for users seeking a professional service provider for representing them when claiming compensation for flight delay and/or cancellation. We provide you with up-to-date information ensuring that you are fully informed at all times during your claims process. You will receive the compensation that you deserve without investing your valuable time and money. With our Flight Compensation Calculator, it only takes 3 minutes to claim compensation for your cancelled or delayed flights. Additionally, this special tool will calculate the amount of compensation you are actually owed for delayed or cancelled flights.

How we can help?

Our Claim Flights database can help you to find your scheduled flight. It also divulges important information about flight status, including accurate times of your delay even when this resulted from a cancellation. Consequently, this makes it a lot easier for you to gather information concerning your individual situation and make the right claim. You also have the right to claim financial compensation if your flight is cancelled and you are not provided with an alternative flight. Again, we are able to help passengers to collect all of the information necessary in order to easily claim compensation from the airlines for cancelled flights. As we provide you with the best service while dealing with airlines from throughout Europe, we can eliminate any stress you thought might be involved in claiming compensation.

Flight Cancellation!!! What exactly is a flight cancellation?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Your flight is considered to have been cancelled should you not reach your final destination with the planned aircraft. We will demonstrate with different types of flight cancellation:

- A replacement plane with a different IATA number but the same route (for example you booked British Airways Flight BA123 and you have to fly the same route with BA 5555)

- You do not arrive at your final destination on your booked flight (for example you booked BA123 to London but the plane lands in New York and a second flight, or even a bus, brings you to your final destination)

- The flight does not fly at all (for whatever reason) and you do not take any alternative flight

Claim Flights will cast away your doubts

Many people have doubts that they could never win a case against a huge airline company but Claim Flights proves otherwise. Our claims experts have all of the specialized knowledge necessary concerning airline flight cancellations and can, therefore, help you to understand the details regarding compensation for flight cancellations. In order to help you claim for flight cancellations, we operate in accordance with the EC 261/2004 Regulation. As a result, we can guarantee that you will not be faced with any problematic legal issues. Your confidence in us will help you to a speedy settlement.

You should go through the flight data carefully until you find the details of your scheduled flight. Once you have found all of the details you have the opportunity to make the right claim for your cancelled flight. In order to claim your compensation in accordance with the EC Regulation 261/2004, you should also check the distances you would have been flying. After entering the correct information, you will have access to the desired data and all of the necessary details needed to successfully make your claim.

Your basic ‘to do’ list

While at the airport, we advise you to carry out certain basic activities:

  • Always try to stay within the close vicinity of the gate and listen to the announcements as they may help you to understand the real status of your scheduled flight.
  • If possible, collect and save letters in a printed format so as to have all necessary evidence of flight cancellation.
  • Make sure that you check-in so that you can prove that you were present at the time of the cancellation.
  • And (of course) keep your booking and invoice documents. It is important that you at least know your booking number.

Additionally, making your claim for the cancellation of flights also depends on the rules and regulations of the particular jurisdiction from where you purchased the ticket or where your flight departed from or arrived at. These are other important aspects you should bear in mind to ensure you get justice.

Claiming by yourself

We have a comprehensive interface which makes it very easy for you to complete the claims form without needing the help of others. The layout is clear and straightforward and you will also be sent confirmation that no errors were made. Once you have entered the details, we will show you further information so that you completely understand the real facts about the cancelled flight. Ensure that you enter the correct details as providing wrong information could make it difficult to track data.

Flight Compensation Calculator

Some passengers find it difficult to find out exactly how much compensation they are entitled to. Using our compensation calculator, you can easily calculate the entire amount so as to avoid confusion at a later time. Out flight delay compensation calculator basically does all of the work for you.

Finally, you will see how rewarding it can be to make a claim for your cancelled flights. It is reassuring to know that when Claim Flights makes a claim on your behalf, that we do so on a “No Win – No Fee” basis. Our most important goal is that you and all of our other users win and get money back.

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