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The hand luggage checks will be tightened again

From 1 March 2015, the EU law was tightened security checks at airports. In order to prevent terrorist attacks explosive detection systems (EDS devices) hand luggage must now examine finer and more accurate.

For passengers, this means that you have to reckon with electronic devices such as notebooks with more accurate and more complex controls on hand luggage.
On the European airports will entail significant costs by the...

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 Fluggastrechte Handgepäckkontrolle

I am packing my suitcase

The game "I'm packing my suitcase" we still know from childhood. The fuller the case is the scarcer the time, the greater the likelihood that you forget something or phrases called twice. If we pack for a business trip back at the last minute or not enough time to plan to consolidate our holiday luggage, we usually have exactly the same problem.

Here are a few tips on how to save packing for time and nerves and the flight can be enjoyed over, without...

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what to do on fight delay

Help, my flight is delayed

Again and again we reached the question of what to do at the airport before the place to make his claims later asserted.
There are rumors that you can be the delay and the reason for the staff of the airline confirmed in writing and should exchange contact details with other travelers.

Both can be done, but is not required.

Because all flight delays are documented and displayed in the database of Claim flights. These data are valid and prove your claim, if...

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Are passenger rights valid for package tours?

Finally Holidays. Finally have to worry about anything. The most annoying delays are on the way to a holiday destination or back home.
On holidays package tours - despite all the anger - you can take advantage of a flight delay financially: flight delays can be registered as a travel defects and justify a customer delay claim.

Relax and use Claim Flights to claim the money from your Airline for the package tour holiday.

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