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KLM Flight Delay / Cancellation Rights

KLM Royal Dutch Airline annually carries over 26 million passengers and also provides cargo services to approximately 130 destinations worldwide. Heavy air passenger traffic and substantial cargo traffic generally leads to delays and cancellations of flights.

Hence, if you travelled with KLM airlines and your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours at arrival, or cancelled without any prior notice, or if you were denied to board your KLM flight due to overbooking of flight seats, then according to European Law for air passengers, EC Regulation 261/2004, you can claim compensation of up to 600€ (£530) from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines..

If you need help to claim financial compensation from KLM airlines, you can seek our claim experts help, we have the best claim professionals in place that have access to all the desired information that is required for your delayed or cancelled flights to get compensation from KLM Airlines. To know how much you can claim from airlines you can use our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator.

Our claiming process is very simple and you can get your compensation amount in right time from KLM Airlines without any hassles for delays, cancellations, flight route changes, airport delays, denied boarding or if you missed your connecting flights due to your first flight delays. You can start the claiming procedure just by filling a form at Claim Flights that would not take more than 3 minutes of your precious time.

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KLM Airlines

KLM which legally stands for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (Royal Dutch Airlines) is the national flag carrier airline of Netherlands which was founded on 7th October 1919. It’s headquarter is based at Amstelveen having its main hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

KLM Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world which is still operating under its original name and its maiden flight took place on 17th May 1920 which flew from Croydon Airport, London to Amsterdam. It became a part of the Air France-KLM group after merged with Air France in the year 2004.

KLM Airlines has the reputation of being one of the world’s safest airlines. Its subsidiaries include KLM Cityhopper, Transavia & MartinAir. KLM airlines have more than 35,488 employees as of 2016 who work with KLM Group. The airlines under the Air France-KLM group are a part of SkyTeam Airline alliance.

  • MartinAir is mainly a cargo carrier with its headquarters at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. MartinAir airline came under KLM Group in the year 2008.
  • KLM Cityhopper is a regional subsidiary airline of KLM Group and it was established on 1st April 1991, its headquarters is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. KLM Cityhopper mostly operates short haul flight services across Europe on behalf of its parent company i.e. KLM.
  • Transavia is a Dutch low-cost airline, which is entirely a subsidiary of Air France-KLM Group.

KLM Royal Dutch Airline Codeshare Agreements

KLM airlines shares code-share agreements with number of airlines which includes Aer Lingus, Air Malta, Adria Airways, Air Serbia, airBaltic, Alaska Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Belavia, Bulgaria Air, Croatia Airlines, Etihad Airways, Flybe, Korean Air, Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Olympic Air, Pegasus Airlines, Transavia, Ukraine International Airlines, WestJet and few more international airlines.

KLM Airline Fleets & Destinations

KLM Airlines is the flag carrier of Netherlands and it is vast airline operating its flights around 133 destinations around the world. KLM airline has also made second largest alliance of world with Air France under the name SkyTeam alliance. Main hub of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from where maximum of its flights operates to worldwide destinations.

KLM Fleets

As of the year 2017 of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the total consolidate fleet size of KLM is 119 (excluding its subsidiaries KLM Cityhopper, Transavia and Martinair). Table below shows type and number of aircrafts operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Boeing 737-700 18
Boeing 737-800 27
Boeing 737-900 5
Boeing 747-400 4
Boeing 747-400M 10
Boeing 747-400ERF 3
Boeing 777-200 ER 15
Boeing 777-300 ER 14
Boeing 787-9 10
Airbus A330-200 8
Airbus A330-300 5
Total fleet 119

KLM Flight Destinations - Europe

Sr. No.




United Kingdom

Aberdeen,Belfast,Birmingham,Bristol,Cardiff,Durham,Edinburgh,Glasgow,Kingston, Hull, Leeds/Bradford, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Tyne, Norwich, Southampton



Berlin, Bremen, Bonn, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Freiburg



Nice, Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Mulhouse



Ålesund, Bergen, Kristiansand, Oslo, Sandefjord, Stavanger, Trondheim



Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice



Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia



Moscow (Sheremetyevo), Saint Petersburg



Gothenburg, Linkoping, Stockholm



Aalborg, Billund, Copenhagen



Amsterdam, Kralendijk,



Geneva, Zurich






Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw



Luxembourg City

15 Romania Bucharest
16 Belgium Brussels
17 Finland Helsinki
18 Austria Vienna, Graz
19 Greece Athens
20 Croatia Zagreb, Split
21 Portugal Lisbon, Porto
22 Ukraine Kiev

KLM Non-European Destinations

Sr. No.


Country and Cities



Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, New York City, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. in United States; Panama City in Panama; Lima in Peru; Bogota & Cartagena in Colombia; Guayaquil & Quito in Ecuador and Mexico City in Mexico.



Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen in China; Delhi, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kolkata and Mumbai in India; Osaka & Tokyo in Japan; Jakarta & Denpasar in Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia; Bangkok in Thailand; Taipei in Taiwan and Singapore.



Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa; Dar es Salaam & Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Nairobi in Kenya;


Middle East

Cairo in Egypt; Abu Dhabi & Dubai in United Arab Emirates; Doha (Hamad) in Qatar and Muscat in Oman.

KLM Airline Reviews & Statistics

SkyTrax, which rates airlines based upon their performance and customer services have rated KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 7 out of 10 stars reviewed by more than 775 customers till January of 2018.

Stats given by flightstats.com say that between the periods 27th July 2016 to 26th August 2016 total 1,901 number flights were delayed and 42 flights were cancelled. KLM airlines one of the flight, KL651 from Amsterdam to Washington, D.C. have an average of being on schedule 57% of time, 22% of the time flight were late, 13% of time KLM flight were very late while 5% flight were excessively delayed.

KLM Airlines Services and Awards

KLM offers Flying Blue program for frequent flyers in which they can earn miles while flying with KLM airlines and can spend them for flights, hotel booking, car rentals and more.

KLM Airline has restrictions for carrying hand luggage/baggage. KLM air passengers should have to follow the hand luggage allowance policy; if passengers carry more baggage than the permitted allowance then they will be charged additional fee.

KLM Airline has won "Europe’s Leading Airline to North America 2017" award in Europe at the World Travel Awards in 2017 and “Best Airline” award at Reisgala 2016.

KLM official website facilitates different services such as online booking, flight tracker tool to check flight status and also passengers can use KLM online check in facility to avoid long queues of airport. Passengers can also download KLM Airlines app and can use it to check Flying Blue Miles, Change Seats, Add Baggage, Flight Updates, Book Ticket, etc.

To Contact KLM Airline, These Information Might Be Useful For You:

KLM Official Website: https://www.klm.com
KLM Customer Service Phone No.: 1800 180 0044
For any other queries related to KLM delayed baggage compensation or luggage allowances you can visit KLM airlines official website or can contact KLM customer service authorities via email or telephone numbers.

KLM Flight Delays / Cancellation / Denied Boarding Problems

Weather conditions, delays in air carrier or heavy air traffic may lead to cancellation or delays of KLM flights. Although KLM cancellation policy and flight delay assistance says that they provide compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight, but they do not guarantee that you will be granted for compensation. KLM Airlines will try to lure you with vouchers and coupons for free meals and hotel stays.

If you travelled with KLM airlines and your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours on arrival or if your flight was cancelled without any prior notice or if you were denied boarding due to oversold flight tickets then you can claim compensation of up to 600€ from KLM Airlines in accordance with EC Regulation 261/2004.

Passengers Rights Under EC Regulation 261/2004 (EU 261 Rule)

EC Regulation 261/2004 (dated 17 February 2005) applies to air passengers departing from any EU airport, or from a non-EU airport with an EU airline to an EU destination. However, you can claim compensation from airlines; passengers must note that flight delay compensation is subject to certain conditions and exceptions.

There will be no compensation for a delay / cancellation caused by an extraordinary circumstance, under which such delay / cancellation becomes uncontrollable. An example of such situations includes bad weather or security concerns such as fear of a terror attack. In such situations, passengers will not be given any compensation.

Nevertheless, if there is a delay of more than 4 hours for a flight of 3500 km or more; delay of 3 hours or more in intra-community flight of 1500 km or more; and delay of 3 hours in case of flight under 1500 km, the passenger is entitled to claim compensation under EU norms as set by the Regulation. This is only entitled when the delay is not caused by an extraordinary circumstance.

Within EU,

  • If you travel up to 1,500 km or less, then you can claim up to €250
  • And over 1,500 km, you can claim up to €400

Between EU Airport and Non-EU Airport

  • If you travel up to 1,500 km or less, then you claim up to €250
  • If the distance is between 1,500 - 3,500 km, then you claim up to €400
  • And if the distance is more than 3500 km and flight delays for more than 4 hours, then you claim up to €600

Note: If you are travelling to a Non-European country from a Non-European country by an European Flight, EU 261 Rule won’t apply to you. It is only applied in the case of EU based flights travelling within Europe or to or from an EU Member State.

As mentioned above, If you are a KLM air passenger and your flight has been delayed or cancelled (without any prior notice) or for reasons which could have been easily solved then according to Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, you can get up to 600€ as flight delay compensation.

This takes into account distance that you travelled both within Europe and Outside Europe and the time for flight delay which should be more than 3 hours.

Delayed Flight Distance Based Claim Amount

Am I Eligible to Claim Compensation?

EU 261 Rule is a European law; it applies to EU Air Space. You do not have to be an EU citizen to claim flight compensation. This means that you can claim on flights departing from any airport located in the EU (with any airline) or arriving in the EU (with an EU registered airline). Table to the right, explains clearly if you are eligible to claim compensation for your delayed flight with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Origin and Destination EU Airline Non-EU Airline
From Outside EU To Outside EU NO NO
From Outside EU To Inside EU YES NO
From Inside EU To Outside EU YES YES
From Inside EU To Inside EU YES YES

When Can I Claim Compensation from KLM Airline?

Passengers are often confused as to whether they are eligible to claim compensation or not. EC Regulation 261/2004 clearly states that an air passenger can claim compensation from airlines if his flight is delayed may be due to flight damage, flight failure, airport delays and any other trivial or major issue with the airlines i.e., which should have been avoided by KLM Airlines. You can not only claim compensation but also demand a refund for inconvenience caused due to flight cancellation and overbooked flights in some cases.

What To Do When KLM Flight is Delayed or Cancelled?

KLM airlines is an EU airline that falls under the EC Regulation, which states that any passenger travelling within Europe or to and from Europe to any other destination are protected by the air passenger rights EC Regulation 261/2004. In a delay or cancellation scenario, a passenger is entitled to claim up to 600€ (£450) compensation from KLM airline.

If, for any reasons, a passenger is unable to get his rightful dues, they can approach Claim Flights to seek help with the claiming process. We will not charge any fee until we win the exact flight compensation that you are entitled for. You can file your claim to KLM Airlines at our website within 3 minutes and know the exact amount that you are entitled to get.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

Many passengers are unaware of their rights and law. They often end up claiming a futile amount as compared to what they should actually get from the airlines. Claim Flight’s, Flight Delay Compensation Calculator can calculate the exact amount based on the flight delay information obtained from the authority. Claim Experts at Claim Flights will inform you about your EU Air Passengers Rights and provides you fair compensation amount from KLM airlines in right time.

Claim for Your Rights with Claim Flights!

If you are travelling/have travelled with KLM Airlines and faced inconvenience due to KLM delayed flight or your flight cancelled without any prior notice, and you don’t have any idea about how to make a claim for compensation, then Claim Flights can be of great help to you. If the flight delay was of more than 3 hours you are eligible to claim delayed flight compensation. You can check the KLM airlines timetable at the airport on arrival and report the delay of your flight to Claim Flights.

Claim Experts at Claim Flights can help you to file the case in accordance with EU air passenger rights. Flight Delay Compensation Calculator helps you to know the exact amount that you are entitled to claim from KLM airline. To check how much you can claim from KLM airline, you just need to enter your KLM airline flight number and date of journey. Claim Flights professionals take up your case on a no win no fee basis and you will get right amount at right time.

Claim Flights – Flight Compensation Firm (How We Can Help You to Claim Your Money Back)

We at Claim Flights require you to provide us with your KLM flight details (flight number & flight date) and our claim experts will work with various other teams to collect data so that everything goes smoothly.

Our team has access to flight information such as the time by which the flight was delayed, the reason for flight cancellation/delay, flights departure and arrival time, etc. making us more likely to win the compensation. If you have any complaints regarding to KLM airline flight delays or cancellations you can contact Claim Flights at any time. Don’t delay and claim your delayed flight compensation today.

"No Win No Fee" Claims

Team of Claim Experts at Claim Flights work on a "No Win No Fee" basis, meaning you only pay our fees if we win your compensation claim from KLM. We can help you to claim your money back from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in case your flight was delayed/cancelled.

You can check your flight status with the help of the flight tracker. The information received from which can be used to file the case against the airline. Experts at Claim Flights make sure that you get the right amount of money at the right time.

How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation?

Claim Flights claiming process is very easy to use and to provide us the desired information doesn't take more than 3 minutes of your precious time. We have access to a lot of information on flight delay and cancellation to claim flight compensation for your delayed or cancelled.

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Claim Flights helped many airlines passengers for their compensation claims and they are happy with us. See what our customers rated us: 9.6 from 10 star based on 400 Reviews..



Didn't have to lift a finger as my claim was executed successfully. I found ClaimFlights to be very responsive and easy to work with.


Thanks for claiming our flights.

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Thanks a lot, we got nowhere ourselves. We are glad that Claim Flights brought it through.(Ralf and Halya W.) (G)

Ralf and Halya W

Claiming the delays was on my schedule since many months. I could enter the claims for me and my family in less than 3 minutes. (Mathilde B.)

Mathilde B.

Totally satisfied ... got my money in 3 weeks. (Igor B.)

Igor B

Good communication, good service and a nice result. Lufthansa didn't even contest it, just paid up. Another happy customer!

A happy customer

My flight claim was filed and completed in a timely manner. Everyone I chatted with was professional and pleasant to work with. Thank You.

Speed work

Very pleased with the professionalism and informative communication I received throughout. Have already recommended this service to friends and won't hesitate to do so in the future.

Super service

Thank you ClaimFlights, I will use their service in the future if anything with flight delays/cancellations will happen.

Just say thanks

Very proffesional service, I got money very quickly to my account.
I had to sign some documents and was little worried about it, but I shouldn't.

Top result

I'm very satisified with the way ClaimFlights handled my case.


I received refund for a great delay (22hours). ClaimFlights is a great company and made a great job for me!!!
I thank them very much - I would recommend this company.

Petra A.

something, I just did not know how. Claim Flights did a thoroughly professional job. I juI knew I could get st sit back and let them do everything. (Thomas and Tanja S.)

Thomas and Tanja

I am totally satisfied. Outstanding work.

Carla S.



Claim Yourself Delayed Flight Compensation

If you want to claim compensation for your delayed / cancelled / overbooked flight in accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004, you can use our free claim letter template to write the letter to airline.

Ultimate Guide On

Calculate the Amount Airline Owes You

To sum it all up, at Claim Flights the exact compensation can be calculated with the help of the compensation calculator.  Our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator can help you to calculate the amount to claim from KLM airlines for your delayed / cancelled flight. You can check for free the amount KLM airlines owes for you with our flight delay compensation calculator.

You can claim flight delay compensation yourself with our assistance by filling the claim form. You may need to enter further details about yourself & co-passengers for whom you would like to claim the flight compensation from KLM Airways. Our Expert team files the claim on behalf of you and pursues it with the airlines.

Air passengers are charged only in case if they get the compensation from the airline. Our fee is very less as compared with other claim companies. You can compare the claimable compensation amount provided by us with other claim companies. Claim Flights works on your case smoothly while keeping you up with all the updates and makes sure that you get right amount in time.

Flight Delay Compensation Calculator
You could receive up to 600€ per person. Claim your rights and check your itinerary for free here.
E.g., 21.06.2019
Choose Your Choice To Claim For Your Delayed Flight
3 different ways to claim for your delayed or cancelled or overbooked flight


Fee from £25 to £455 + hearing fee of £25 to £335

Risk of loosing money if you loose the case

Some hours of your time is spend

Result unknown

Claim Flights

No cost risk, only pay if we win

Additional databases and legal evidence

Just 2 minutes of your time spent

Experts with high success rate


Do It Yourself

Outcome unclear, most airlines ignore customer claims

Takes hours of your time

Low cost risk, but might end up in court anyhow

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