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About Claim Flights - EU 261 Claims Service Provider

Claim Flights is an entrepreneur in processing legal cases automatically. Claim Flights has developed complex process and data management systems which ensure that all important facts are collected for each individual case.

The background of the business is the fact that customers have many rights (de jure) but it is often hard to claim those rights de facto. This is particularly apparent for cases with low dispute value for which customers prefer to avoid the time and risk involved in legal actions. Additionally, lawyers tend not to focus on single cases with low dispute value. The fact that the jurisdiction of the applicable flight and travel law might be that of a foreign country just increases the complexity for customers to claim successfully. It does not make economic sense for a German customer to make claim for a flight delays in Spain; just the notary letter of authorization which is necessary to hire a Spanish lawyer and the time to find a good lawyer could eat up any compensation which might possibly be claimed.

The work of Claim Flights fulfills the real need of customers and lawyers by pre-processing legal cases with the help of process management and automation. The customer can be ensured that his case will be handled in an absolutely professional manner, even if the disputed value is low. The lawyer will receive pre-processed data with all of the facts and can focus on the legal part without needing to do any further research on the basic facts of the case or having to contact the customer.

Due to the high quality of the Claim Flights process and the Claim Flights database it is possible to work for customers on a "no win = no fee" basis. This means that if a case is lost, Claim Flights will bear all costs for lawyer fees and the customer is not charged at all. Claim Flights is so confident about its quality that if a Claim Flights customer loses a case in court but a person from the same flight wins with another company or lawyer, the Claim Flights customer is refunded (details see quality insurance).

Besides commercial goals, Claim Flights helps customers to claim for their flight delay for free with a free letter of claim. It offers the opportunity for customers to write their own free claim letter, conduct research in the publicly available law case database and check their compensation amount with the free claim calculator. In addition to the free services, Claim Flights run landmark cases to clarify different legal topics by higher courts. This helps customers as it might provide additional direction for other cases.

Our Mission:

Claim Flights was started with the sole mission of helping air passengers to claim compensation under EU regulation 261/2004 for cancelled or delayed flights while educating passengers about their flight rights along the way. In doing so, it makes it much more difficult for airlines to flee air passengers by providing fake reasons or excuses. Claim Flights also assures you a hassle-free and quality service, allowing you to claim your compensation at ease.

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled while you are travelling within Europe, flying with an EU registered flight and you want to claim reimbursement for the distress the airline has caused you, all you have to do is provide us with your flight details and our compensation recovery team will work with various other teams to collect data so that everything goes smoothly. Our team has access to all vital flight information such as the time by which the flight is delayed, the reason for flight cancellation, flight departure and arrival time, etc. making us more likely to win the compensation.

We automatically decide about the place of jurisdiction for you. If we know for example that a specific court makes very "airline friendly" decisions, we will automatically direct your case to another court. As we cooperate with law firms in all major European countries we can make decisions regarding the courts with the support of a huge international base.

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