On flight delays within, into or out of Europe you might be entitled to claim flight delay compensation of 600€ per passenger for 6 years back!

We specialize in claiming compensation for delayed or cancelled flights - its our business. We have designed our claim service in a way that ensures minimal effort on your part. Make us your first choice: We are a professional flight claim provider with the necessary expertise and access to right information and are therefore much more likely to successful in claim compensation on your behalf.

Delay Flights

  •   VY1816
    From: Barcelona To : München

    8 December 2015

  •   U24032
    From: Toulouse To : Paris

    6 December 2015

  •   VY1501
    From: Paris To : Florenz

    20 November 2015

  •   VY2972
    From: Barcelona To : Nantes

    17 November 2015

  •   VY6770
    From: Barcelona To : Pisa

    6 November 2015

  •   U25456
    From: Paphos To : London

    2 November 2015

  •   U22566
    From: Tel Aviv-Yafo To : Mailand

    2 November 2015

  •   VY8306
    From: Barcelona To : Amsterdam

    2 November 2015

  •   U24028
    From: Toulouse To : Paris

    2 November 2015

  •   U28862
    From: Hurghada To : London

    2 November 2015

  •   U27416
    From: Alicante To : Southend

    2 November 2015

  •   VY9012
    From: Toulouse To : Málaga

    1 November 2015

Didn't have to lift a finger as my claim was executed successfully. I found ClaimFlights to be very responsive and easy to work with.

Thanks for claiming our flights.

Thanks a lot, we got nowhere ourselves. We are glad that Claim Flights brought it through.(Ralf and Halya W.) (G)

Claiming the delays was on my schedule since many months. I could enter the claims for me and my family in less than 3 minutes. (Mathilde B.)

Totally satisfied ... got my money in 3 weeks. (Igor B.)

Good communication, good service and a nice result. Lufthansa didn't even contest it, just paid up. Another happy customer!

My flight claim was filed and completed in a timely manner. Everyone I chatted with was professional and pleasant to work with. Thank You.

Very pleased with the professionalism and informative communication I received throughout. Have already recommended this service to friends and won't hesitate to do so in the future.

Thank you ClaimFlights, I will use their service in the future if anything with flight delays/cancellations will happen.

Very proffesional service, I got money very quickly to my account.
I had to sign some documents and was little worried about it, but I shouldn't.

I'm very satisified with the way ClaimFlights handled my case.

I received refund for a great delay (22hours). ClaimFlights is a great company and made a great job for me!!!
I thank them very much - I would recommend this company.

something, I just did not know how. Claim Flights did a thoroughly professional job. I juI knew I could get st sit back and let them do everything. (Thomas and Tanja S.)

I am totally satisfied. Outstanding work.

What customers say about Claim Flights

What customers say about Claim Flights

Posted by Claim Flights UK on Tuesday, 12 May 2015
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